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Gothenburg, Sweden
30 May - 1 June 2012

WASCON is the reference international conference on the use of alternative materials in construction.
It has been held every three years since 1991 and provides a forum for exchange of ideas and current research nationally and internationally on the use of waste, industrial by-products and other recycled materials in construction.
Increased recycling of alternative materials and waste products is necessary for a sustainable society, but the alternative materials must have sufficiently high technical performance and be acceptable from an environmental risk management perspective. An important scientific base for the implementation is given by the numerous contributions to the WASCON conferences.

The host of WASCON 2012 - the Swedish Geotechnical Institute, SGI, is a governmental agency and a research institute that since the eighties plays a leading role in research and applications of alternative materials in construction. SGI is also an active partner in European activities for the development and standardization of test methods for technical and environmental material properties.

Gothenburg, the second biggest city of Sweden, is known as the green and sustainable city, active to find effective and sustainable solutions for the flows of materials and energy. The sea has always influenced the culture and history of the city in all aspects - for food, trade, industry or recreation. Thus, the maritime feeling is never far away in Gothenburg, and will not be at WASCON 2012 either.

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